How To Calculate CGPA MG University ?

The blog ahead will help clear all your doubts about the CGPA and procedure regarding the calculation of CGPA at MG University. MGU or Mahatma Gandhi University has set certain criteria for the assessment of the students under them. The criterion followed by them to grade is a 7-scale grading system.

What formula for calculating CGPA at MG University?

The CGPA for MG University can be calculated by the formula given below:


In this formula the TCP stands for the total credit points of the concerned course.

Because the formula of CGPA is TCP/TC, it becomes important to acknowledge the terms CGPA and TCP. The CGPA stands for Cumulative Grade point average. On the other hand, T in TCP stands for Total, while CP is credit points. The formula shows the division of TCP by TC.

To calculate TCP, you need to know how to calculate Credit Point (CP). CP can be calculated with the help of formula  given below,

CP = C x GP, where C stands for credit and GP represents grade points.

Another important term to mention is GPA. GPA for any course provided in Mahatma Gandhi University can be calculated by the formula below;


Here unlike CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average), TCP stands for Total credit points of a category of course, and TC is representing total credit for that particular course’s category. Grades are also provided based on the corresponding GPA for different categories of courses.

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Let us try to understand this system more appropriately, using an example. Let us consider a student at MG University in a four subjects program. Let those five subjects be: Zoology, Botany, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics. If we allow this group of subjects specific credit points, let these scores, for Zoology, Botany, Anatomy, Chemistry, and Physics, be 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, respectively.

To calculate CGPA for this student, you will have to sum up these credit points allotted to every subject. Finally, you will receive the Total Credit involved in the no. of papers in the program, TC (3+4+6+7+8) =28.

We consider a student who has scored 70 marks in Zoology, 80 marks in Botany, 90 marks in Anatomy, 75 marks in Chemistry, and 70 marks in Physics. These marks awarded to the student now need to be converted into credit points.

After the marks are awarded, we will move on to converting these marks into credit points scored by the students. If we consider 100 to be the maximum marks, the student will have individual grade points as below:

Zoology: The percentile score for 70 out of 100 will be (70*10/100) = 7

Botany: The percentile score for 80 out of 100 will be (80*10/100) = 8

Chemistry: The percentile score for 75 out of 100 will be (75*10/100) = 7.5

Anatomy: The percentile for 90 out of 100 will be (90*10/100) = 9

Physics: The percentile score for 70 out of 100 will be (70*10/100) = 7

As we know, the formula for CGPA is

CGPA = TCP/TC so the CGPA for this student’s programme will be, (7+8+7.5+9+7/5)  = 7.7.

GradePercent of marksGP
S OutstandingEqual to 95 and above10
A+ ExcellentEqual to 85 and <959
A Very goodEqual to 75 and <858
B+ GoodEqual to 65 and <757
B Above AverageEqual to 55 and <656
C SatisfactoryEqual to 45 and <555
D PassEqual to 35 and <454
F FailureBelow 35 
Ab Absent