CBSE CGPA to Percentage : How to Do this Calculation?

In 2010, CBSE came with a grading system to award marks to the class 10th students. The system was called Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation, better known as CCE. In this blog, we will discuss how to calculate the CGPA in percentage.

The CBSE grading system is based on the ten scale system. The grades in every subject are converted up to the adequate number 10.

The results allotted to the students are mostly reflecting their grades from A to E.


CBSE has definitely come up with a calculation for converting the CGPA into a percentage. The manual method that to do is,

  • The student can calculate subject-subject wise percentage for themselves by multiplying the GP for each subject with 9.5.
  • The student can also calculate an indicator percentage for overall marks by multiplying 9.5 to the CGPA.

There is also a quick way to convert your CGPA to a percentage. For it, you can use a CGPA Calculator. The calculator’s software is capable of automatically calculating the percentage of the student with the available CGPA. This is why there is a lot of time-effective work when a CGPA calculator is used.

This also saves students a lot of manual work to individually calculate the percentage of each subject. The calculator is effective when it comes to showing the percentage result subject-wise. There will be each subject mentioned as Subject 1, Subject 2, etc. All students are required to do is to click the exact grade allotted to them. The grades can lie between A1 to E2.

Students may have been awarded grades up to 7 subjects, but the calculator is set to the CBSE guidelines and, therefore, will be seen considering only five main subjects.

When using the calculator, you will be offered the below-mentioned options:

A blue box

This box resembles an option provided to the students for reloading their results in case there was any discrepancy.

A red box

The red box indicates the option of resetting any of your grades entered wrong—a lifesaver, especially with all those grades to enter.

A green box

It is the option providing you a way to let your CGPA be converted into a percentage. This will finally allow you to see your approximate percentage scores.

CBSE CGPA to Percentage Calculation Step by Step

If, for example, A student has been awarded the below-grade set for the five main subjects, Science, Social Studies, Maths, English, and Hindi:

The grade for Science: A1

The grade for Math: A1

The grade for Social Studies: A2

The grade for English: A1

The grade for Hindi: A1

The grade point for every grade is mentioned in the table below:

MarksGradesGrade Point
20 & belowE20

These grades points are now individually calculated as percentages. Like below,

  • English (10*9.5) = 95% (GPA)
  • Hindi (10*9.5) = 95% (GPA)
  • Science (10*9.5) = 95% (GPA)
  • Maths (10*9.5) = 95% (GPA)
  • Social Studies (9*9.5) = 85.5% (GPA)

The total CGPA to percentage can be calculated by the following method:

CGPA= [(9+10+10+10+10)/5] = 9.8

Total percentage = 9.8*9.5 = 93.1%

Below is a table mentioned which shows the approximate percentage ahead few of the CGPA scores:

CBSE CGPA to percentage