CGPA Calculator Anna University: How to Calculate Step by Step?

This blog is presented for you to understand CGPA and the procedure to calculate CGPA at Anna University. 

Anna University is known to follow certain criteria for ranking and assessing students. This criterion is known to follow a grading system to a scale of 10.

Formula to calculate CGPA

The formula of CGPA calculation for Anna University is mentioned below:

CGPA = (C_i GP_i)/C_i

Thus, the formula for CGPA is (Ci x GPi)/Ci.

Now the C here as a part of CGPA is the representative of the credit scores for a subject, wherein GPA stands for the student’s grade points. The formula is simply the total of CGPA divided by the overall C.

This, rounds up to the fact that, for calculating the CGPA scores for a student, all the grade points obtained in every semester are added up and subjected to be divided by the credit value assigned to every course registered by the student.

For exemplifying and making it easier, we can consider a student at Anna University who has registered for four subjects: History, Geology, English Literature, and Philosophy. If we consider each subject to stand for completely different credit scores, like, for each subject History, Geology, English Literature, and Philosophy, the credit points are 5, 8, 6, 9.

For calculating the CGPA acquired by the above student, we will find the Ci. The Ci can be found by adding up the. Credit points for each subject chosen. Thus, Ci will be – (5+8+6+9) = 28.

It includes the calculation of GPA. Let us consider a student who has scored 50 marks in English literature, 40 marks in philosophy, 80 marks in history, and 60 in Geology. These numbers are the grades provided to the student. We can find the actual numbers by looking at the grade chart provided by Anna University.

Next, we follow up with the conversion of scores to grade scale up to 10. We first calculate the percentile attained by the student in each subject. If the maximum marks are 100, then the student will have scored:

Geology: The percentile score for 60 out of 100 will be (60*10/100) = 6

English Literature: The percentile score for 50 out of 100 will be (50*10/100) = 5

Philosophy: The percentile score for 40 out of 100 will be (40*10/100) = 4

History: The percentile for 80 out of 100 will be (80*10/100) = 8

The next step is to attain an average GPA for every individual subject, and this requires us to multiply the percentile score for each subject with the credit score of that subject.


In History, the GPA gained will be (8*5) = 40

In Geology, the GPA gained will be (6*8) = 48

In Philosophy, the GPA gained will be (4*9) = 36

In English Literature, the GPA gained will be (5*6) = 30.

Adding all the GPA scores, we get 154 (40+48+36+30).

Finally, to calculate the CGPA, we will divide the sum of the GPA scores with the sum of the credit. We get, (154/ 28) = 5.5

The table below shows the grading followed by Anna University

Grade PointsGradeMark Range

Above scores can easily be considered to conclude that a person seeking distinction at Anna University should seek a CGPA of +8.5.