How to Calculate CGPA in KTU

Several times in your life you might have found out about the phrase CGPA and wanted to know what it meant. Maintaining this credit structure, most technological universities follow this best-recognized evaluation system that lets people understand that where they stand compared to their peers. Many universities are now in the credit system and require students to present their cumulative averages throughout the entrance process. If you want to join one of the recognized technological universities, i.e., the KTU and want to learn about how to calculate CGPA here, then this article provides you with the method to calculating CGPA at the KTU!

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Like any other University, the KTU follows a grading system based on Cumulative Grade Points Average. Students are marked with grades depending upon the CGPA they score. So let us know the CGPA-grade pattern that KTU follows before moving on to how to calculate CGPA in KTU.

O1090 and above
F0Less than 45
FE0Failed ( Due to Eligibility Criteria)
I Course Incomplete

Why is CGPA Significant? 

The reason for CGPA is so significant is that it is not a complete measure of a person’s knowledge and capabilities as a screening tool. It’s simple, 8 or 9 appears good than 6 or 7 on your curriculum vitae. As a “common assumption,” 9 pointers are thought to be smarter. Please take note of the general premise that has been mentioned. An HR Manager is more satisfied with a 9 than a 7 on your curriculum vitae. The first impression is very crucial in a job interview. You begin with a happy feeling.

Now when you know how important a good CGPA can be for you, it becomes clear that why do you need to calculate it precisely. Let us now learn how to calculate CGPA in KTU.

CGPA Calculator KTU

KTU utilizes the degree system used in most universities to issue grades and grading marks to students. This is followed by a scale of 10 points. The weighted average grade point multiplied by the credit allotted for courses is determined as SGPA and CGPA.

To calculate the SGPA and CGPA in KTU you can follow the formulae given below –

SGPA = Σ (Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Where Ci is the credit of all subjects for a course

GPi is the grade point for that course.

CGPA = Σ (Ci×GPi)/ΣCi

Where Ci is the credit of all subjects for a course

GPi is the grade point for that course.

(CGPA of the higher semester is average of scored SGPA up to that semester)

Let us understand this with an example.

For a student, let the respective SGPA and credit of subjects for each semester be as follows –

S1= 7, 23

S2= 6, 24

S3= 6.5, 24

S4= 7.2, 23

Now CGPA = (7*23 + 6*24 + 6.5*24 + 7.2*23)/23+24+24+23 = 6.66

How to Calculate CGPA to Percentage in KTU

There cannot be specified a standard formula for converting SGPA/CGPA into the mark percentage.

Yet, many students ask for a proportion of marks, as often they must give a percentage of marks. An estimated formula for converting SGPA/CGPA to a percentage point has been adopted by the Academic Committee as below:-

The Percentage Marks (% Marks) = 10xG – 3.75 where G is SGPA or CGPA

The sum of the courses is taken for all the semesters whereby the CGPA is necessary and is registered by the student. The failed exams are also taken into consideration here. CGPA can also be supplied for all courses completed.

CGPA for B. Tech is calculated by taking into account all course credits necessary for the degree and its related grades.

Now you know how to calculate CGPA in KTU. This will now help to calculate your CGPA with accuracy and hence you will be able to set the goal for your next semester.