How to Convert CGPA to Percentage Mumbai University

The main motive behind having a grading system is to make the assessment of the academic performance of a student. This technique is used by schools and colleges all over the world and is known as the most approving method to assess a student’s memory power his/her reciprocating skills. The grading system provides a comparison of the learner’s performance; indicate the quality of performance and the amount of knowledge acquired.

What Is CGPA?

CGPA is the abbreviation of the Cumulative Grade Point Average. It is widely accustomed to calculate or measure the overall performance of a student in his/her academics. It is considered as a key factor in the case of cut off marks given for various programs and scholarships. It makes a huge difference since students are accepted or rejected based on one decimal of the CGPA. The fields that CGPA will matter in are for various scholarships, for the application of placements and the application for higher studies and education programs in and outside the country.

Why Was CGPA Introduced?

The CGPA grading system in India was introduced to take the loads and loads of stress and pressure off the shoulders of the students and to match the range of international education. Earlier, the marks allotted were based on the quantity, but the scores gained in the current grading system are completely based on the student’s ability to understand the concepts. It also ensures uniformity across schools and colleges both in India and abroad. As compared to the previous version, the CGPA grading system in India doesn’t allow students to be categorised only on the basis of marks.

Grading System of Mumbai University

The calculation of cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) is done based on a technique that will not directly give the actual percentage of marks. The formula which gives the CGPA to Percentage conversion is an approximate value.

1) For 7 point Grading System (CBGS), the percentage shall be calculated on the percentage of actual marks obtained by the candidates

2) For the 10 Point Grading System (CBCS), the formula for calculating the percentage is given by:

Percentage (%) =71*CGPA + 11

The percentage can be calculated using the above formula and rounded to the next full Integer

CGPA to Percentage Calculator

For the conversion of CGPA to percentage, the CGPA must be multiplied with 9.5.which will give us the percentage. For example, if your score is 9.7 GPA, then in %, it will be 9.7×9.5=92.1%.  This technique is very different from the older version but is very advantageous to the present point of view of education. This formula was given by the Indian education board that is the Central Board of Secondary education.

CGPA formula= Sum (credits X grade points) / sum of credits

Process to Calculate CGPA

  1. First, add the grade points of all 5 subjects of the student.
  2. So for example, if the GP of Subject 1 is 10, Subject 2 is 8, Subject 3 is 9, Subject 4 is 6, and Subject 5 is 7.
  3. Adding all the subject marks ( 10+8+9+6+7= 40)
  4. After adding all the grade points, divide the total grade points by the number of subjects.

(40/5 = 8)

  1. Now the CGPA of 5 subjects is 8
  2. After finding the CGPA, multiply it by 9.5.
  3. This is the conversion of CGPA to percentage.
  4. Multiplying 8 x 9.5, we will get 76%.

This is an example of conversion of CGPA to percentage:

Assume the grade points of the 5 subjects as:

S1, S2, S3, S4, S5

Grade point (GP) =S1+S2+S3+S4+S5



Subject 1 Grades= 10

Subject 2 Grades=9

Subject 3 Grades=10

Subject 4 Grades=8

Subject 5 Grades=10