DU CGPA to Percentage (As per the New CBCS Rules)

CGPA to Percentage DU – For the last many years, there was a lot of confusion in the grading system of Delhi University. The university has come up with several changes after which finally a proper system was adopted and disclosed.

If you go by history, DU initially did not follow the Absolute Grading option. At that time, the university used to follow the system of relative Grading. Soon, it was in the year 2016, the university came up with the idea of getting a combination of both Relative as well as Absolute Grading. But this combination approach came up with several complications that led to the rejection of this method.

While the university had a particular method to convert the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) to Percentage, but this method was not known to the students until the year 2018.

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Why Convert CGPA to Percentage?

Candidates who are not aware of the grading system of Delhi University often may think why is it a hype of converting CGPA to percentage. But there are a number of reasons to state why students need to convert CGPA to Percentage.

  • The students as well as other people tend to understand how well the marks are with the help of percentage. Though a student from DU should be aware of how good he or she has done by looking at the CGPA, it can get difficult to make others understand this grading system. Hence, one of the best ways is to convert the CGPA into Percentage and then declare it.
  • When you are applying for some other college or institute for higher studies, they will ask for the percentage so that they can compare your marks with the students coming from other universities too. It will get difficult when other students are showing up their marks in percentages and you are showing up your grades in terms of CGPA. Hence, again it becomes crucial here to convert your CGPA to percentage and then show it up to the university or the recruitment board where you are applying.

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How to Convert DU CGPA to Percentage?

In the year 2018, Delhi University cleared the process of how to convert CGPA to Percentage and displayed the formula on their official website. This formula was made applicable from the session of May/ June 2018.

As per the formula mentioned in the notification of the DU website is 9.5 x CGPA of all the 6 semesters. The university stated that the formula will be there on the mark sheet of the students along with the final percentage that the student has acquired. Here is a step by step process that you can follow.

Step – 1 – Collect all the CGPA grades that you have secured in all 6 semesters of your course.

Step – 2 – Now sum up all these CGPA grades to get a single total CGPA.

Step – 3 – Finally, multiply the total CGPA with 9.5 that has been taken standard by the university.

Now, the result that you come up with is the final percentage that you have secured in your course.

Earlier to this, students often calculated the percentage by using the formula of CGPA obtained in all the 6 semesters/ the highest CGPA x 100. Using this the students used to get an average percentage but not a proper one. It is only after the university mentioned the formula that the students were able to come up with the actual percentage in their courses.

While the method of obtaining the percentage in DU was a bit confusing, now the university has made it much simpler and transparent. Now, the students can calculate their percentage from their CGPA grades to analyze how much they have scored much before the final mark sheet of the whole course.