DU Date Sheet May-June 2021 (Final) (Released)

DU Date Sheet 2021 – Delhi University has released its exam date sheet for its upcoming examination May & June 2021. The students now can download the date sheet from the official website of DU and can start preparing for the examinations in an even better way. The date sheet links are uploaded by the management on the official website under the respective programs and courses. Hence, the students have to carefully find out the date sheet from the respective programs and have to download it accordingly.

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DU Date Sheet 2021: Overview

The students of Delhi University were waiting long for the date sheet for the upcoming examination to be declared. Though the students may have started already preparing for the exam, preparing with the date sheet in hand is altogether a different experience.

Hence, as the date sheet is out now, the students should download their respective exam schedules at the earliest so that they can prepare even better and get ready for the examination in a much confident way.

DU UG Date Sheet 2021

The university has released the date sheet in different parts and the students have to find out their respective date sheet carefully. Programs such as B.A and B.Com for semester 2,  semester 4 and semester 6 will have the examination conducted on from 15th May 2021 Apart from this, all other undergraduate courses of all semesters will also get started from 15th May 2021. As of now, the management has just come up with the theoretical examinations that will start from 15th May 2021 and some will get concluded in the month of June 2021. The management is yet to release the date sheet or information about the practical examinations of undergraduate courses that will be taking place too.

List of DU UG Date Sheet May-June 2021

CBCS (2015-16-17-18 Admission)

Annual Mode (Part-1,2,3) Exam May June 2021

DU PG Date Sheet 2021

As per the DU SOL PG Date Sheet 2021 released by the authorities, the examination will start from the month of April 2021. There are different date sheets available for different PG courses from which the students can find the right one for them. There can be some examinations whose dates may come up even for later months such as March and April 2021.

No.Name of ExaminationClick To
1DU MA Anthropology Part-2 Semester-6Download
2DU MA Geography (6th Semester) (CBCS)Download
3DU MA Geography (6th Semester) (Old Course)Download
4DU MA French, German, Spanish & Italian (Semester-6)Download
5DU MSc Statistics (2nd Semester) (Ex-Students) and Semester-6Download
6DU MA Economics (CBCS) (6th Semester)Download
7DU MA Economics (6th Semester)Download
8DU MSc Biochemistry (6th Semester)Download
9DU MSc Biomedical Sciences (6th Semester)Download
10DU MA Punjabi (2nd and 4th Semester)Download
11DU MCA 2nd and 4th SemesterDownload
12DU MSc Computer ScienceDownload
13DU MA-MSc Mathematics OBE Date Sheet (Semester-6) (2019 Session Students)Download
14DU MA-MSc Mathematics (Ex-students) (Semester-6) (2018 Session Students)Download
15DU MA Social Work (Semester-6)Download
16DU MSc (Mathematics Education) (OBE) (Semester-6)Download
17DU MSc Chemistry (Semester-6)Download
18DU B.Ed 2nd Year Annual ExaminationDownload
19DU B.Ed, SE (Mental Retardation) (2nd Year)Download
20DU B.Ed, SE (Visual Impairment) (2nd Year)Download
21DU BElEd 4th Year Annual ExaminationDownload
22DU M.Ed 2nd Year Annual ExaminationDownload
23DU MA Buddhist Studies (2nd & 4th Semester) (NC)Download
24DU MA Buddhist Studies (2nd & 4th Semester) (OC)Download
25DU LLB 1st TermDownload
26DU LLB 2nd, 4th & 6th TermDownload
27DU MA Sociology (Semester-6)Download
28DU B.Tech (CS) (Semester-4 & 6)Download
29DU B.Tech (IT & MI) (Semester-8)Download
30DU MA Philosophy (2nd & 4th Semester) (New CBCS Course)Download
31DU MA Philosophy (2nd & 4th Semester) (Old)Download
32DU MA Political Science (Regular & NCWEB) (OBE) (2nd & 4th Semester) (New)Download
33DU MA Political Science (Regular & NCWEB) (OBE) (2nd & 4th Semester) (Old)Download
34DU 5 Year Integrated Program in Jornalism (Part-3)Download
35DU M.Com (Sem-2 & 4) & MBA (Sem-1,2,3 & 4)Download
36DU MA Hindi (2nd & 4th Sem) (NC)Download
37DU MA Hindi (2nd & 4th Sem) (OC)Download
38DU MA Punjabi (OBE) (4th Semester) (Revised)Download
39DU M.Sc Biomedical Science (4th Semester) (New Syllabus)Download
40DU MA Russian (Part-2) (4th Semester)Download
41DU SFUS Language Courses (Part-time) (OBE)Download
42DU MA Lifelong Learning and Extension (2nd & 4th Semester)Download
43LLM/MCL 2 & 3 Year Term-1 Exam (Admitted in 2020-21)Download
44DU  (Term-4) (Admission 2020-21) & LLM 3 Year (Term-4) (Ex-students)Download
45DU MSc Physics (4th Semester) (OBE)Download
46DU MSc Physics (2nd & 4th Semester) (Repeat) (OBE)Download
47DU MA Arabic (2nd & 4th Semester) (Revised)Download
48DU MA Sanskrit (OBE)Download
49DU MA History (2nd & 4th Sem) (OBE)Download
50DU MA English (2nd & 4th Sem) (OBE)Download
51DU MOR (Semester-2 & 4)Download
52DU MSc OR (Semester-4)Download
53DU MSc Zoology (Semester-4) (OBE)Download
54DU MSc Zoology Examination (Semester-4) (OBE) (OC)Download
55DU MA Persian (4th Semester)Download
56DU MA Urdu (2nd & 4th Semester)Download
57DU MSc Home Science (2nd & 4th Semester) (OBE)Download
58DU MSc DCE (Semester-4)Download
59DU Integrated BSc (H) Geology- MSc Geology (OBE)Download
60DU M.Sc Geology (CBCS) (4th Semester) (OBE)Download
61DU MA (EAS) & MA (Japanese) (Semester-4)Download

DU Certificate/Diploma Date Sheet 2021

Similar to the UG and PG programs, DU SOL has also released the certificate and diploma date sheet 2021. Students who have enrolled with DU SOL for any kind of certificate or diploma course also have to appear for the examination to avail of the certification from the university. Students who have got registered for the recent examination that is about to take place can check out the date sheet from the official website of the university. Different courses examination will be conducted at different times. Hence, it is important for the students to search for their respective subjects and check the date sheet thoroughly.

DU South Campus Date Sheet 2021

Delhi University has also released the examination date sheet for South Campus in different parts. The management has announced that the examination for South Campus will be held in the month of March & April 2021. Now, different programs and courses under this segment will have different dates for the examinations. Hence, the students have to select their respective programs to come up with the right examination dates and to download the right datasheet.

How To Download DU Date Sheet 2021?

Delhi University has released the examination date sheet 2021 a long time back. If you have still not downloaded the date sheet, here are the steps that you can follow to download it right now.

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of the university by clicking on the link http://exam.du.ac.in.

Step – 2 – On the homepage, from the tabs of options provided, click on the option of date sheets.

Step – 3 – A page will open up where you will have several links to date sheets.

Step – 4 – From the left side box, click on the course that you belong to such as UG, PG, or diploma.

Step – 5 – Now as the page refreshes, you will get links only for the program that you have selected.

Step – 6 – Now, you have to select the right link such as MBA Finance 2021 or similar others.

Step – 7 – As you click on the correct link, a page will open up that will have a PDF format page.

Step – 8 – Download this PDF page on your system and then take a print out of it.

Important Notes for DU Students

While the students are busy preparing for the examinations, there are some important notes that the DU students should take care of. Here are some of such important notes that you should take care of if you are a DU student.

  • Delhi University gives importance not just to the examinations but also a number of other activities such as internal assessments. The marks of the internal assessments are added up to the marks of the examinations. Hence, you should make sure that you have acquired a good mark in the internal assessment too so that you can acquire an overall good score.
  • Make sure to download and get a print of the date sheet so that you can keep it with you. This will help you in preparing for the examinations in a much planned and confident way.
  • Apart from the date sheet, make sure that you have downloaded the admit card when the university releases it. The management should release the admit cards soon a few days in advance of the examination. Hence, you should check the official website regularly to download the admit card on time.
  • Reach the examination hall at least half an hour before the exact time and abide by all the rules and regulations mentioned on the admit card.
  • Practice a good number of test papers so that you can have a habit of completing the answer sheet on time and you can complete the paper with confidence.
  • Apart from studying, also revise the chapters well before the examination date. But do not overpressurize yourself. Make sure to get ample rest the day before your exam so that you can have a fresh mind while you start your examination.

FAQs – DU Date Sheet 2021

Q1. Is the DU examination tough?

Answer: Whether the DU examination is tough or not depends extremely on the level of preparation that you had. You should start preparing at an early stage and should practice from test papers. DU also offers mock tests on its website that you can check out to practice.

Q2. How many marks can the internal assessment offer you?

Answer: The marks of the internal assessment actually means a lot of things such as the percentage of your attendance, the internal assignments that you have to do, and also some of the co-curricular activities in which you may take part.

Q3. Whom to contact in case of any kind of queries?

Answer: If you have any kind of query or trouble, you can get in touch with the management of the college where you study. They will help you in solving out the trouble that you have. If the problem is a severe one, the authority can take up the matter to the higher authorities of Delhi University and can get the problem solved.