DU Digital Degree: Now Get SOL Delhi University Degree Online!

A Delhi University digital degree is a new system issued by the University of Delhi for the students to obtain an online certificate of their degrees. The digital degree will be issued to students who have completed their academic program successfully and are eligible for the Delhi University degree award.

On the occasion of the 97th convocation program of the University of Delhi, and due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the University has decided to give digital degrees; along with that, the university has also become the first institution to provide a maximum number of digital degrees.

So, let us discuss what a digital degree is? Who is eligible to get the digital degree? How can you apply for a digital degree? And how can you register for a digital degree?

What is DU Digital Degree?

A digital degree is just as same as the one in paperback format. The only difference between a digital degree and a physical degree is that the candidate needs to be present to receive the physical degree, but for receiving a digital degree, the candidate can fill in the required details on the official website of Delhi University, which is Digicerti.du.ac.in.

The online portal for the issuance of digital degree certificates was activated the previous year to speed up the process of distributing degrees to the students who have completed their undergraduate or postgraduate programs from the university itself up till 2019.

Who is eligible to get the digital degree?

The students who have graduated up till 2019 and haven’t received their degrees yet can now receive their degrees from the online portal of Delhi University. The degree will only be issued to the students who have completed their studies from the respective courses in DU.

As per the University, it will take time to make physical degrees; therefore, if the students wish, they can receive their digital degree by paying an exact amount of 750 rupees.

Digital Degree Websitehttps://digicerti.du.ac.in/
Digital Degree Download / Verificationhttps://digicerti.du.ac.in/index.php/site/digital-degree
Official DU Websitehttp://du.ac.in/
DU SOL LoginClick Here
DU Duplicate DegreeClick Here
DU Degree AttestationClick Here

How to Apply for DU Digital Degree?

The students who have completed their academic programs can get their digital degrees. To get the digital degrees, the students are required to search for the Delhi University’s online portal, Digicerti.du.ac.in. After the opening of the homepage, the student is required to fill in the details such as username and password and login or register to their accounts.

How to Download DU Digital Degree?

To download the digital degree, the students are required to follow the following procedure.

  1. Visit the official website of Delhi University’s online portal for the issuance of digital degrees: Digicerti.du.ac.in.
  2. Now upon running the website, you will be redirected to a page, then click on “download digital degree for the academic year.”
  3. Next, you have to fill in the required details, including the type (SOL/NON-SOL), your enrollment number, and exam roll number.
  4. Now just click on verify details.
  5. After the verification, the students are required to pay an amount of rupees 750 to receive their digital degrees.

Note: the degrees will only be issued after the details are verified, and the payment has been made by the student.