DU Duplicate Degree/Diploma/Certificate (Application Form, Fees)

DU Duplicate Degree/Diploma/Certificate – Delhi University offers the facility of collecting a duplicate degree certificate in case the student has lost the original one. The procedure of collecting a duplicate degree is quite convenient if the student is following all the guidelines and the steps properly.

The students have to go to the official website of Delhi University only to complete the procedure for fetching DU Duplicate Degree. All you need to do is to understand the procedure properly so that you do not have to face any kind of trouble.

Conditions to Apply for DU Duplicate Degree

Why Do You Need a DU Duplicate Degree or Diploma or Certificate? 

  • It may have happened that you have lost your degree certificate somewhere.
  • It can also happen that you have accidentally damaged the degree certificate.

Though it is always advised to keep the degree certificate in the soft copy format also, there are a number of places where the original hard copy is also required for verification. Hence, it is crucial to have a hard copy of the DU degree certificate also.

Luckily, Delhi University offers duplicate degree certificates to the students in such a case. The students just have to follow a few steps and guidelines to get the degree certificate once again.

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Guidelines to Receive DU Duplicate Degree

While you are applying for the DU Duplicate Degree, you have to abide by some of the important guidelines.

  • The duplicate degree certificate will be available only on submission of the application letter, online form, and other declarations, duly signed by the actual candidate and owner of the degree.
  • Just applying online is not the final step. You have to also take the print of all the documents such as mentioned above to submit these to the head of your college or institute. The Head of the College or the Institute has to verify the filled application form along with the documents and have to recommend them accordingly to the University for providing a duplicate degree to the student.
  • It is essential to provide an attested copy of the F.I.R stating that the original degree certificate is either lost or has got destroyed by accident. The SHO should attest the F.I.R copy and this copy should go along with the application form to the Head of the college of the institute for verification. In the F.I.R., you should carefully mention the course and the program of the degree certificate that you have lost.
  • The student also needs to submit any of the photo identity cards such as aadhar card, passport, pan card, or anything similar that should be attested by the student itself. All the documents that you are submitting online or you are submitting to the college should have the student’s signature.
  • While filling up the form and the declaration form, you should cross-check the details several times as you will be solely responsible if there are any errors found in the details later on.
  • The duplicate degree certificate will be only issued after the documents and the details are scrutinized carefully. Simply uploading the documents will not lead to the issuance of the certificate.

If you wish to get the DU Duplicate Degree certificate at the earliest, you should abide by the guidelines and regulations carefully.

How to Apply for DU Duplicate Degree?

Students can apply for the DU Duplicate Degree by following these eminent steps.

Step – 1 – Visit the website http://exam.du.ac.in.

Step – 2 – Under the option Important Links in the box at the left side of the website, you will find the option of Services on which you have to click.

Step – 3 –  Next, you have to click on the option of Duplicate Degree.

Step – 4 – The page that appears will have all the important guidelines and regulations for getting a duplicate degree that you should go through carefully.

Step – 5 – As you read on the points, you get the option to download a declaration form that you have to download and take print of it.

Step – 6 – Fill up the printed copy of the declaration form and keep it with you.

Step – 7 – Log in to the page with your username, password, and the captcha available.

Step – 8 – You will find an online form that you have to fill up with all the necessary details.

Step – 9 – Next, you have to upload the scanned copy of your photograph and your signature.

Step – 10 – Now upload the declaration form that you have taken out as a print and have filled up.

Step – 11 – Next, you have to make an online fee payment depending upon the time period after which you are applying for the duplicate degree.

Step – 12 – After successful completion of the payment, you will receive a receipt number stating that your request has been taken.

Step – 13 – Next, you have to take a print of the uploaded online form, the receipt, and other documents that you have uploaded.

Step – 14 –  Sign on all of these documents and submit these to the Head of your college or institute.

Here, the whole procedure comes to an end. The duplicate degree will arrive at your respective college or institute. Hence, you have to college your duplicate degree from the head of your college or institute only. It may take up a time period of 15 days or so for the duplicate degree to reach your respective college or institute.

DU Duplicate Degree Registration

Students have been studying at Delhi University also during the time when the university did not get digitalized. Of course, students who are from that era will not have a login in the university portal. So, how can they avail themselves of the service of getting a DU Duplicate degree? They just need to register with the portal and they can apply for a duplicate degree. Here are the steps that they have to follow to get the registration done with the portal.

Step – 1 – First, visit the site of http://exam.du.ac.in/

Step – 2 – Click on the option of Services that you will get under the option of Important links on the homepage and you will come up to the next page.

Step – 3 – On this page, click on the option of Duplicate Degree and you will land up to the page where you can apply for the duplicate degree.

Step – 4 – Here, you will get the option of Register just beside Guidelines that you need to click on.

Step – 5 – Here, you have to provide your email address and have to create a password.

Step – 6 – Next, you have to provide other details such as your mobile number, gender, and date of birth.

Step – 7 – Now, type the captcha text that is provided on the screen.

Step – 8 – Finally, click on the option of Register and you will get a verification link on your email on which you have to click on verify your email.

You can login to the portal now using your email id as username and the created password after you have verified your email id. Next, you have to follow the same steps that are mentioned under the category of how to apply for DU Duplicate Degree in the above section.

DU Duplicate Degree Fees

If you are applying for the certificate within 6 years from the date of examination, you will have to pay a fee of Rs. 500. If the time period has crossed 6 years, then you have to pay a fee of Rs. 1000.

A degree certificate from your college or institute is one of the most important documents that you need to keep very carefully. But if someone the certificate has got lost or has got damaged, Delhi University has this provision of issuing a duplicate certificate for the students. Students have to follow the procedure and the guidelines very strictly if they wish to get the DU Duplicate Degree certificate.