DU Marksheet Attestation (Application Form & Fees)

DU Marksheet Attestation – A lot of institutes for higher education ask for attestation of mark sheets from where the student has completed the earlier degree. Delhi University is a prestigious name in the country. Hence, offering the DU mark sheet attestation often helps the students in gaining admission to the institute of their choice for higher studies.

Apart from this, there are also many other reasons for which the students may require mark sheet attestation done. Some of the reasons can be:

  • Getting a job in a company, where there is a strict rule about the verification of the mark sheet.
  • Often verification and attestation of the mark sheet along with other documents are also required when you are applying for a visa for some other country.
  • There are some Government positions in India for which you have to submit mark sheet attestation if you are applying for the position.

If you are in need of such DU Marksheet Attestation, you can get it quite conveniently from the university. You just have to follow the right procedures and guidelines and you can easily get the DU mark sheet attestation from the university.

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Guidelines of DU Marksheet Attestation

The students need to follow these guidelines closely if they wish to get the attestation without any hassle.

  • You will get the application form for DU mark sheet attestation from the official website of the Delhi University Exam.
  • The university will charge Rs. 500/- for each mark sheet attestation for the Indian students and the submission of application and payment will be online.
  • International students have to submit the application to the North or South Campus as per the relevant Examination Branch. Also, these students have to submit a scanned copy of the mark sheet that requires attestation along with a demand draft of $50 addressing to Registrar, University of Delhi.
  • The authorities will cross-check all the details first before offering the attestation to the mark sheet of the student.

How to Apply for DU Mark Sheet Attestation?

Whether you are an Indian student or someone international, you will get access to the DU mark sheet attestation application form by following these steps.

Step – 1 – Visit the official website of the Delhi University exam through the link http://exam.du.ac.in.

Step – 2 – Under the option of Important Links, click on the option of Services.

Step – 3 – On the next page, under the section of Services, click on the option of Attestation of Marksheet.

Step – 4 – Another page will open up on a new tab, where you have to read all the details carefully under the section of Guidelines.

Step – 5 – After you have gone through the guidelines, click on the Register option, which is just beside the Guidelines tab, to complete the registration process.

Step – 6 – Here you have to provide your email address, create a password.

Step – 7 – Next, you have to provide other details such as your mobile number, gender, and date of birth.

Step – 8 – Now provide the captcha text for verification.

Step – 9 – Finally click on the Register option.

After you have completed the process of registration, you have to log into your profile by following these steps to get the application form.

Step – 10 – On the login page that http://app.du.ac.in/marksheet_attestation/index.php, you have to provide your email address as the username that you have provided during the process of registration.

Step – 11 – Now provide the captcha verification code in the blank space offered.

Step – 12 – Finally, click on the Login option to enter into your profile and find the application form for DU mark sheet attestation.

After you have logged into the profile, here are the steps that you need to follow to fill in the application form for DU mark sheet attestation. Here you need to take care that you can submit the application form online only if you are an Indian student and wish to apply to any Indian institute.

Step – 13 – After you have logged into the profile and have got the application form, you have to fill it up online with all the necessary details.

Step – 14 – Next, you have to upload the scanned copy of your signature and your photo.

Step – 15 – Also, upload the scanned copy of your mark sheet.

Step – 16 – The next step is to deposit an online fee of Rs. 500/- that will be non-refundable.

Step – 17 – Finally, after you have made the payment, your request is accepted and you will get a receipt of acknowledgment soon.

International students or someone who is about to apply to an international institute or college for higher education should follow these steps.

Step – 18 – You have to log into the portal and have to fill in the application form.

Step – 19 – Upload your photo and signature.

Step – 20 – Next, take a print-out of this submitted application form, and the uploaded documents.

Step – 21 – Now you have to prepare a bank draft of $50 per mark sheet addressing to Registrar, University of Delhi.

Step – 22 – Finally, you have to submit the scan copy of the submitted application form with the digital signature and photo, a scanned copy of the mark sheet, and the bank draft North or South Campus depending upon the Examination Branch relevant to you.

The documents and the details that you have provided will be verified at the Examination branch. The candidates have to collect the attested mark sheet from the Examination Branch in person only. If the candidate is not able to collect the attested mark sheet in person, the candidate can send a nominee with authorization in writing.

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You can easily get your mark sheet attested if you follow the guidelines and instructions carefully. If you have any trouble or any query while processing for the attestation of the mark sheet, you can directly get in touch with the head or the principal of the institute or the college from where you have completed your education.

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