DU Passing Marks 2023 (Grade Points and Marking System)

DU Passing Marks and Grading – Recently students of Delhi University have noticed several changes in different rules of the university. One such pattern is the passing marks that are secured by the students of DU. Before the year 2019, the passing marks were different and the university did some changes to it.

Students should go through the details of DU Passing Marks carefully so that they do not have any confusion about it. Passing in the exam at one chance is something that is the best that a student can do. Re-sitting for the exams in which you have failed not just wastes your time but also can cause trouble to you while you are seeking admission to the best universities for higher studies.

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DU Passing Marks Weightage 2023

The weightage of marks in the Delhi University is distributed in 25:75 ratios between internal assessment and the semester exams. The ratio is like this:

Internal Assessment25%
Semester Exam75%

While the weightage of the semester exam depends completely on the exam paper, there are sub-divisions in the case of the internal assessments. The ratios of different parts of the internal assessments are:

Assignments and Reports10%
Class Tests and Quizzes10%

DU Passing Marks 2023

The rule at DU is that the student has to secure at least 40% marks in the theory as well as practical exams individually. Thus, if answered in a single sentence, the passing mark in a semester exam is 40%. But the condition here is that the student also has to secure 40% in the theory and the practical exams of all the subjects in that particular semester.

So, if you have scored a good mark in the theory but have got zero in practical, you will be declared as failed in the practical exam of the exam. Hence, you have to secure 40% in all the exams that you appear for.

DU Passing Marks Grade System 2023

In the year 2019, DU made some of the major changes in the passing marks and other places. As per the new amendment, the university will mention grades in place of the percentage. These grades will be based on the percentage received by the students to announce whether they have done good or bad in their exams. So, the passing mark will be the same as the 40% mentioned above, but the only thing is that the university will mention grades on the mark sheet. The students will be graded in the range of 0 to 10 and will be provided letter grades that will have their significant meanings.

The grades will be decided by the university by calculating the marks of the students as per a formula used by the university. Here are the pointers and the grades that the university awards the students after the calculation of marks.

Numerical GradeLetter GradePercentage of Marks
10OMarks >=80 and Marks <=100
9A+Marks >=70 and Marks <=80
8AMarks >=60 and Marks <=70
7B+Marks >=55 and Marks <=60
6BMarks >=50 and Marks <=55
5CMarks >=45 and Marks <=50
4DMarks >=40 and Marks <=45
0FMarks <40

Here from the table, here are the results that stand for the letter grades:

O – Outstanding

A+ – Excellent

A – Very Good

B+ – Good

B – Above Average

C – Average

D – Pass

F – Fail

Apart from the passing marks, there are many other changes that the university has made. Another change that the university has made that is related to the passing mark is the promotion of the student to the next year. The promotion of the student from 1st year to 2nd year is only possible when the student passes in 50% of the subjects in 1st semester and 2nd semester together. This rule was there earlier also.

Earlier if the student failed to pass in 50% of the subjects; it did not affect the promotion. This is because the university used to declare the student as failed only in the part in which the student has failed. After going to the 2nd year, the student was provided the option to clear the failed subjects.

But now the rule of promotion has been changed a bit.  If the student does not pass in 50% of the subjects in the 1st semester and 2nd semester together, the university will not promote the student to the next year. He or she has to reappear in these exams and have to pass them to get promoted to the next year.

Moreover, it can be said that the university has organized the system in a better way than before. Now the students have to pay more attention to their studies so that they can pass properly in the exams and can get good grades.