Kerala Lottery Result Today Live 2022 Akshaya AK-536 Winners List

Luck is found in the heart of every person. When you hear the term lottery, what comes to your mind? I guess it is the prize, dreams, planning, trip, and whatnot. Kerala Lottery is one such opportunity provided over to all the local people to make their living easier. The prizes can be extremely high and can also change the lives of people seeking to live a better life.

Kerala Lotteries started in the year 1967 and is monitored by the ‘Directorate of Kerala State Lotteries’ via the Kerala government. People get their livelihood through this system of money regulation. Any person above the age of 18 years can become an agent (to distribute the lottery tickets). Tens and thousands of retail shop owners retail the tickets to earn a living. The commission is surely minor, but the dreams are served right away. So, are you looking forward to buying a lottery ticket? We will guide you with every step to help you buy a Kerala lottery ticket.

Kerala Lottery Result Daily Akshaya AK 536 Winner Names

1st Prize Rs :7000000 (Seventy Lakhs) 1) AX 395495 (ERNAKULAM)

2nd Prize Rs :500000 (5 Lakh) 1) AW 785221 (KOTTAYAM)

3rd Prize Rs :100000 (one lakh)

AO 317470 (PUNALUR)
AP 805050 (THRISSUR)
AS 723910 (PAYYANUR)
AV 380573 (WAYANADU)
AW 934002 (VADAKARA)
AX 849107 (PAYYANUR)
AY 926466 (WAYANADU)
AZ 205246 (KANNUR)

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How to buy Kerala Lottery?

As mentioned above, Kerala Lottery tickets are retailed by shopkeepers. To buy a Kerala Lottery ticket, you have to visit a local store owner who sells these tickets.

You can purchase a Kerala Lottery ticket from the official state-authorized portal of Kerala. To make it convenient for people who don’t have enough knowledge on modernization (digital world), the government has circulated various opportunities to purchase a ticket from local vendors.

Simply visit any local vendor and purchase your desired Kerala Lottery ticket. There are varied choices that are served in this protocol. Currently, there are over 35,000 registered agents all over Kerala distributing lottery tickets and almost 100,000 retailers selling them to people. Almost 40 million tickers are printed every week. The fame of the Kerala Lottery ticket is almost five decades, preciously serving the sole purpose of regulation.

How to check Kerala Lottery results?

If you purchased a Kerala Lottery ticket and are keen to check the results, then here is appropriate information that you may need to process.

Go to the official website of the Kerala Lottery ticket and navigate to the result section. You can then check the result information and prize distribution from this portal in an elegant manner. The whole process is organized; every single winning number is mentioned, and the prize distribution is evenly divided among all the winners.

With the popularity of Kerala Lottery results, many news websites announce the results live. So, to check Kerala Lottery results live, you can visit any of the official websites and navigate to the main place to verify the result.

If you are not aware of digital platforms, you can simply go to the local vendor or the agent from whom you purchased the tickets. They will guide you with the results and appropriate process that will lead you to claim your prize (if you won).

How to claim the Kerala Lottery Prize amount?

You can visit the official Kerala Lottery website, click on ‘Result view,’ and navigate to ‘Prize claim’ to claim your prize.

Kerala Lottery prize amount can be claimed by submitting seven various official documents. A letter of authorization from the prize-winner is also required in order to process the payment in the bank account of the duly winner.

A certificate from both receiving bank and the collecting bank has to be submitted as well. Other information relating to tax information, etc., can be viewed in the same portal.

If you still have doubts about claiming the Kerala Lottery Prize amount, then pitch your local vendor from where you purchased your lottery ticket.

In some cases, there are few merchants regulating the Kerala Lottery tickets online. So, in this case, you can directly claim the prize from these merchants. These merchants directly claim the prize and transfer the amount by processing all the legal steps required. 

Kerala Lottery Winning amounts

Kerala Lottery tickets have a wide range of collections varying day to day from Monday (Win-win) to Sunday (Pournami) and price to price from worth 20 rupees to 200 rupees.

The winning amount depends on which ticket you have purchased. The Kerala Lottery Winning amount varies from 1000 rupees to 12 Cr rupees. Every single detail relating to the prizes is mentioned on the Kerala Lottery official website governed by the state government.

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We hope that all the information relating to the Kerala Lottery ticket is with you. Please ensure that you check the merchant before purchasing any Kerala Lottery ticket. There are many people who may enact to be an agent, so ensure to check the genuinity of the agent and vendor.

If you won the Kerala lottery, we would like to congratulate you. The opportunities are just a ticket away. So, visit the Kerala Lottery website now for more information.