Check out a New Part Time PhD Program For Working Professionals by LU

Working professionals can now apply for a part-time Ph.D. at Lucknow University in place of a full-time degree. Admissions will take place between August 28 and September 5. The Departmental Research Committee (DRC) will enroll students across all academic disciplines, as approved at the Admission Committee meeting. 

Attendance in Part Time PhD

DRC (Departmental Research Committee) will produce a merit list based on the number of seats allocated to PhD students by the admission cell. Considering several factors, such as past research, an interview, professional experience, and academic score, this merit will be determined. A part-time PhD. requires researchers to attend classes only once each week, making the attendance conditions highly convenient for them. The Ph.D. students will be required to attend at least six days in six months, but they must clear the ‘course work exam’. 

Selection Process

Twenty-eight faculties will allocate a total of 92 seats for part-time Ph.D. admissions in 2021, according to the DRC report. As a result of this initiative, those who desire to become Ph.D. graduates can now do so. Participants have 90 minutes to create and submit a 1000-word report, which includes a topic-research approach, a data collecting strategy, a data analysis method, etc. This year, the part-time Ph.D. admission exams will be conducted on the 21st and 23rd of August.

Admission forms, passport photographs, two black and two blue ballpoint pens, and an official ID card are required for entry into the exam venue. The admission examination will be graded as follows: 

70 marks for a 1000-word research paper.

10 marks for Experience.

10 marks for the academic index.

10 marks for the interview.

What will be the Exam Paper Pattern?

A merit list for each category will be prepared based on the admissions cell’s seat allocation and a research article, an interview, previous job experience, and educational qualification. According to Lucknow University, the admission procedure would include 70 objective questions worth 1 mark each. 

35 out of the seventy questions will focus on the chosen topic, while the other 35 will focus on the research process, with no negative marks. The applicant must arrive on time because after 15 minutes of the planned exam time, no one will be authorized to attend the doors.

Within the University campus, there will be two entrance test centers. Candidates are urged to read all instructions on the admittance card attentively before attempting the entrance test. For LU’s Ph.D. programs, about 1866 students will attend for the 15 subjects on August 21st, and approximately 1886 students will present for the remaining 17 subjects on August 23rd.

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