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Personal Data

As the website is available with free access so students have no need to share any personal data to read anything of DUResult portal. They can freely access the website without sharing anything with us.

If students have any opinion or question on any topic or article that we covered then they need to share their personal information like Name and Email address with us just to prevent spam users and comments at our portal.


Cooky is a little file that is stored on user’s computer to faster the procedure of filling the comment form automatically and other thnigs. The users are asked to save their information on their browser at the time of writing the comment on our portal so if user agreed to save the information then their information will be stored in a cooky file and it can be used if user wants to add another comment at our portal. Cookies are helpful for users to save their time without entering the same information again.

Right of Users

If users had shared any information on our portal in form of comments and they want to remove the information from our portal then they can request us by contacting us. Our team will remove their personal information within 2-3 business days after getting their request.

Our Rights

We have the right to change our privacy at any time and the users will be notified for our new privacy policy time to time so that they have a great experience as always.


If you have any doubt or query regarding privacy policy of DUResult then you may contact us.