Seva Sindhu Service Plus, All in One Portal By Karnataka Gov

Seva Sindhu is a renowned portal for public services. The portal is developed by the government of Karnataka. It enables all the users to get the benefits of public services through a single window. The prime services offered by the portal are G2C, G2B, and B2C services. 

The portal is designed to offer services to the resident so they can complete their government activities easily. In addition to this, there is also the Seva Sindhu Plus platform that can be used for tax-related activity such as it allows the tax supporting organizations to connect with the citizens.

What is the Use of Seva Sindhu?

Seva Sindhu has used a gateway and an asset that allow individuals to easily connect with the government, government business, and departments inside the government. It not only instructs the citizens to do complete the government activity but also offers help regarding the government offices and plans. Here is the list of few activities:

  • People can access government and non-government activities.
  • Services of the various government department can be taken from a single portal. 
  • Offers incentives to the residents
  • Create a transparent system and offer faster results
  • Citizens can access the details of the schemes offered by the government
  • The Seva Sindhu portal offers services to businesses, organization, and residents

Benefits of Seva Sindhu

There are several benefits of Seva Sindhu. The Seva Sindhu platform was launched by the concerned authority to offer fast services to the citizens. Here are the benefits of using the Seva Sindhu:

  • With the help of the platform, residents can access the information of vital government services from anywhere anytime.
  • It is a dedicated platform made to offer government services to the individual.
  • With the help of the platform, residents can connect with the various department of the government in a single space which helps in completing the activities effectively without wasting the time. 
  • As services are offered through the digital platform it is easy to check the process and stages of the activities. Residents can easily keep track of their applications and access the data for the same. 
  • Resident can visit any Common service center nearby to take the benefit of the government services. 
  • A dedicated services desk is also offered to resolve the resident queries. The resident can ask any question and get answers quickly. 

Department under Seva Sindhu

The platform offers several services. The platform is connected with the 105 government departments. This means an individual can access the service from all these departments without going anywhere. One can visit the online website and access the department’s services. Here is the list of few departments: 

  • Transport Department
  • Commercial Tax Department
  • Food and Civil Supplies Department
  • Revenue Department
  • Department of Ayush
  • Department of Information and Public Relations
  • Youth Empowerment and Sports Department
  • Department of Planning
  • Empowerment and Senior Empowerment Department of Empowerment.
  • Department of Personnel and Administrative Reforms
  • Department of Labor
  • Department of Kannada and Culture
  • Bangalore Development Authority
  • Department of Women and Welfare

All these departments are available on the portal. The portal has information about the department services and schemes and one can access it from anywhere. 

Services Offered by Seva Sindhu

The platform offers a range of services to the users. Here is a list of few services offered through Seva Sindhu:

  • Creation and distribution of certificates for income
  • Certificates for caste
  • Certificate for Birth
  • Death and Domicile certificate
  • Arms Licenses
  • Issue of Ration Card
  • Disbursement of old-age pensions
  • widow pensions
  • family pensions
  • Complaints regarding unfair prices
  • non-availability of doctor
  • Right to Information 
  • Land Records
  • About government schemes
  • Driving Licenses
  • Electricity, Water bills, and Property taxes

Seva Sindhu Registration

Keep your Aadhar card ready before applying for Seva Sindhu registration online. To apply, one needs to go to the official website. Here are the steps to login Seva Sindhu website and use services:

  • Go to the official website and click new user registration. After registration go to the department and services tab.
  • All the department names are given under Department and service tab.
  • Click on Department and service tab to access the services. 
  • Then choose the department and service you need to apply.
  • After clicking you will be asked to complete the application form.
  • Fill the application form and submit it.
  • Identify yourself and fill in more details about yourself.
  • Enter the Captcha code and relevant document and submit your application.

Do Seva Sindhu App is also available?

Seva Sindhu’s website can be accessed online with the help of the internet and through the app. In addition to this, there is also a District/Taluk/Sub-division/Village level center are available from where people can get the benefit of services. 

Seva Sindhu Application

After applying you will get an application number. The application reference number can be used to check the status of the applications. When the user puts the application reference number on the home page then SMS is sent directly to the user regarding each step of the application. 

Seva Sindhu App

Seva Sindhu app is launched by the Karnataka government to help interstate travel during the lockdown. The app not only offers various government services to the users but also helps residents to travel back to Karnataka during the lockdown. Migrant people who are interested in reach back to Karnataka simply need to register their name and fill in the details such as residential address and phone number.

Seva Sindhu Helpline No


13, CRN Chambers,

Above Dhanalakshmi Bank,
2nd Floor, Karsturba Road,
Call Center Number: 8088304855 / 6361799796 / 9380204364 / 9380206704

Time:9AM-6PM (Except Government Holidays)

Launched ByKarnataka Gov, for People of Karnataka
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