VTU CGPA Calculator: Learn How to Calculate Step by Step

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The Method to Calculate CGPA in VTU

To calculate CGPA, you need to have access to two things. C or the credit score assigned to each subject a student has registered for and GPA or the student’s grade score in each subject multiplied by the credit score assigned to the subject.

The Formula:

The formula to calculate CGPA is to divide the total GPA of all the courses by the sum of the credits assigned to them, which means a total of (GPA*C) divided by total C.

The Process to Calculate CGPA in detail:

Suppose you are a student of VTU or Visvesvaraya Technological Institute, and you want to calculate your CGPA to assess your overall performance.

First, you need to know what grades you have scored in each subject.

Let us suppose you have registered for four courses. They are English, Economics, Philosophy, and Computer Science.

You have scored A in English, B in Economics, A in Philosophy, and A in Computer Science.

If A grade denotes a score of 10, and B grade denotes a score of 8, then we can say that you have scored 10 in English, 8 in Economics, 10 in Philosophy, and 10 in Computer Science.

The first step is to get the total of the credit scores assigned to each of the courses.

If we suppose the credit score for English is 8, 7 is the credit score assigned to Economics, 6 for Philosophy, and 5 is for Computer Science, then we have to add all the digits to get the total credit scores of all the courses you have opted for.

So, the total credit score will be (8+7+6+5)=26. It is the C.

To calculate GPA for each of them, you need to multiply the grade score you have got in each of them with their credit score.

Let us calculate the GPA for each of them.


The credit score assigned to this subject is 8, and your grade score is 10. So, the GPA for English will be (8*10)=80


The credit score is 7, and your grade score in this subject is 8. So, The GPA will be (7*8)=56


The credit score is 6, and your grade score is 10. So, the GPA will be (6*10)=60

Computer Science:

The credit score is 5, and your grade score is 10. So, the GPA is (5*10)=50.

Now, we need to add the total numbers of GPAs. So, the total will be

(80+56+60+50)= 246

To calculate the CGPA, you need to divide the GPAs by the total credit scores assigned to all the subjects.

So, the CGPA will be (246/26)=9.46

246 is the total of the grade points secured by you in all of them, and 26 is the total of all the credit scores assigned to the four subjects.

For your better understanding, here is a table provided that can help you calculate GPA easily.

Name of the subjectsC or the credit scores if the subjectsGrade pointsGPA
Computer Science510(5*10)=50

The total GPA is (80+56+60+50)=246.

The total of C  is (8+7+6+5)=26.

So, your CGPA is (246/26)=9.46.

You can follow these steps to calculate your CGPA easily.