World Population Day 2023

World Population Day is celebrated on the 11th of July so that awareness among the people about the impact that the growing population has been causing can be highlighted and well discussed. On this day, several serious issues such as the importance of maternal health, family planning, poverty, and human rights are discussed. The prime motive of this day is to give the core attention to all the issues that occur because of population.

Out of many issues that overpopulation is causing, one is the visible strain on a society where heinous crimes are happening regularly. It was seen that the crimes are taking place in the areas of human rights and gender inequality.


World Population Day was established in 1989 and was established by the Governing Council of the United Nations Development Program, the UNDP. The main inspiration behind this day was the extreme public interest that was shown in the celebration of ‘five Billion Day’ on the 11th of July in 1987. The main serving of this day is to mark the rising problems that come in handy with a rising population as the increasing population has some effects on the health problems of women as well during the period of childbirth and pregnancy. Thus, a resolution for this effect was passed and finally, the United Nations General Assembly marked the 11th of July in 1990 as World Population Day.


On the occasion of World Population Day, the difficulties that overpopulation has created over these years are thoroughly discussed. Furthermore, the potential that overpopulation carries to harm the ecosystem is also highlighted on this day. The United Nations understand that overpopulation is a very critical issue given that the resources of the world are rapidly deteriorating at such a rapid rate. Thus, the prime significance that this day holds is creating and maintaining awareness about all the effects that overpopulation has caused on the uniform development of nature.


Since this is an international event, almost every other organization of all the countries takes initiative and participates on this day so the right amount of attention is drawn to the issues that are associated with the world population. Some of the activities that are organized on this day are seminars, debates, workshops, songs, slogans, and more. Apart from this, several TV channels broadcast this very program related to the population on their channel.

Theme: 2021

Since in 2021 the world was shockingly under the clutches of the pandemic, the theme of the year was ‘the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic on fertility’. This day was observed so that more and more light was focused on the sexual reproductive health and behavior of people n a global basis. The DESA or the Population Division of the United Nations Department of Economic and Social Affairs organized it.


So, these are everything that was there to know regarding World Population Day. Now that you have all the information, you are all set to play your share on this international day.